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Wellness and Preventative Care

  • New pet examinations

  • Puppy and kitten examinations

  • Adult and senior pet examinations

  • Vaccinations specific to your pets lifestyle

  • Parasite prevention and treatment


  • In house laboratory for blood, urine, and fecal testing

  • Access to referral laboratory for specialized tests

  • Radiology: x-rays of the entire body and dental x-rays

  • Ultrasound of the heart and abdominal organs


  • Routine surgeries such as spays, neuters, and lump removals

  • Soft tissue surgeries such as wound repair, and abdominal surgeries

  • Referral to a board-certified veterinary surgeon for specialty orthopedic or soft tissue surgeries


  • Preventative dental cleanings

  • Dental surgery and extractions

General Medicine

  • Illness or injury treatment

  • Referral to a board-certified veterinarian for specialized conditions

  • Referral to a veterinary emergency hospital for urgent or critical care

End of Life Care

  • Euthanasia

  • After-life care for your pet

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